Winter 2018-2019 – What To Expect in New England

back bay snow  “Bitter cold, heavy snow expected to hit New England this winter”

Folks have been attempting to predict the weather since the beginning of time.  For most people, headlines like the one above, bring memories of winters past and in some cases just reading those words can make goose bumps appear on your flesh.  For our snow and ice contractors, those words mean so much more. 

Those words are laden with responsibility and dreams of what is possible.  You start to think of all the long nights and exhausting days.  There is the possibility that you will go weeks at a time without seeing your family because of all the hours you are on the road.  Reading those words forces you to think about how much time you actually have left before it starts.  There is so much to do in order to get ready.  Registrations, insurance, calibrations, new chains, plows, trucks, computers, etc.  Is it worth it?

For the vast majority of plow drivers the answer is a resounding, “Hell yes!”  For a lot of drivers, they count on the extra income from plowing to sustain them through the winter.  While the paycheck may be the ultimate motivator, most plow drivers truly enjoy the work.  Whatever Mother Nature has in store for us this winter, I know we have the best snow fighters in the country right here in Massachusetts and they won’t rest until the streets are safe.