empty_pocketsMASSDOT has already spent the entire allotment of money for Snow & Ice removal.

As usual, MASSDOT was grossly underfunded in this years snow and ice budget.  The governor has sumitted a supplemental budget to the House of Representatives which includes $50M in deficit spending authority for MASSDOT to pay hired contractors and procure de-icing materials.

PLEASE, at your earliest convenience, contact your State Representative and urge quick passage of House Bill #3867.  The deficit spending authority is outlined in section #27 of the text of the Bill.


It is very unfortunate that MassDOT’s  defecit spending authority fell through the cracks this year.  Our group worked very hard with Sen. Bruce Tarr and Sen. Marc Pacheco on this language which has been inserted in the DOT budget every year; except for this year.  Again, please contact your State Rep. today regarding this bill.  It is currently in the House Ways and Means Committee!