**URGENT**MUST ACT TODAY – 04/11/2014**

urgentDear Members, 

Please contact your state representative ASAP and ask them to sign on as a cosponsor of Representative David Vieira’s amendment for Snow & Ice Removal. 

If you are not sure who your representative is you can look it up at: https://malegislature.gov/People/Search 

Representative Vieira will be filing the amendment at 3:00PM, this Friday; April 11, 2014.  Those representatives interested in signing on should email Representative Vieira’s aide at Kathleen.palmer@MAHouse.gov before 3PM.  The amendment would allow the state to pay snow and ice bills in the same manner that cities and towns do, with the ability to deficit spend.  Representative Vieira does  not want another winter season to go by with contractors waiting months to get paid. 

Rep. Vieira recently said, “This is crazy.  When the Governor tells state employees to stay home and off the roads, our contractors are out working and preserving public safety.  The only difference is the Governor and state employees get  paid every 2 weeks and some of our contractors wait months to get paid.  This isn’t right and must stop!” 

Here is a copy of the amendment: 

Snow & Ice Removal

Section ___. The commonwealth may incur liability and make expenditures in any fiscal year in excess of available appropriations for snow and ice removal, provided that  such expenditures are approved by the secretary of transportation and the secretary of administration and finance; provided, however, that the appropriation for such purposes in said fiscal year equaled or exceeded the appropriation for said purposes in the  prior fiscal year.  Expenditures made under authority of this section shall be certified by the comptroller to the treasurer for withdrawal from the commonwealth stabilization fund established pursuant to chapter 29, section 2H. 

The secretary of administration and finance shall annually, not later than June first, report to the house and senate committees on ways & means the total amounts appropriated  and expended for snow and ice removal in the current fiscal year.