Unanimous Vote to Sign Contract

Unanimous Vote to Sign Contract

The membership of the MSICA has voted to sign the 2008-2010 Snow and Ice Contract

The membership has ratified the 2008-2010 Snow and Ice Equipment Rental Agreement with Mass Highway with a unanimous vote to sign the contract and return to work.

Late breaking news from Attorney John Slattery on October 15th regarding his reciept of a letter from MassHighway Chief Legal Counsel further expressing the departments desire to work with our Association on various fronts, and the Departments’ sincere and dedicated approach to obtain prompt payment for snow and ice vendors certainly weighed heavy on the memberships decision making process.

Correspondence from MHD also further outlined there intent pertaining to certain language in the 2008-2010 contract which could have been easily interpreted in ways which would adversely effect those contractors signing the agreement.

Atty. John Slattery is in touch with MHD legal staff and a meeting is being scheduled for later this week, or early next week. Mass Highway has been working with representatives of the Governors office of Administration and Finance in an effort to craft language which will ultimately recieve the blessings of the House and Senate.