The Perennial Predicament of “Hurry Up and Wait” Could End with Newly Crafted Legislation

While we “hurry up and wait” for supplemental funding to pay snow plow contractors serving MADOT, your Board of Directors have been diligent in their efforts to permanently solve this perennial problem.  Each year there is a lack of funding and we inevitably must wait for supplemental budget approval.  By the time the Bill makes its way through the House and Senate, there are so many other things attached to the Bill that it gets bogged down and we all continue to wait and get frustrated.

David Vieira, (R) Falmouth

David Vieira, (R) Falmouth


Please meet David Vieira, (R), Falmouth. 

David is hard at work authoring an amendment to the FY 2015 State Budget which, if approved, will solve this age old problem and allow the DOT to spend in deficit from an existing state fund throughout the winter and be replenished at a later date via a supplemental budget.  In short, the DOT would have the ability to write checks in a timely fashion by “borrowing” from another existing state account.   So, instead of individual contractors waiting for a supplemental budget to be approved, it will be the existing state account the monies are taken from that will wait for supplemental funding.

David has put together a comprehensive package that makes sense.  Cross your fingers and be ready to help in about 2 weeks when the language is finalized and we begin reaching out to every State Rep and Senator to gain support for this logical step into the future of snow and ice funding!

We still need everyone to reach out to the members appointed to the Committee of Conference so we can begin to receive this years money. 

Please see the previous post for the phone numbers of the committee members.