Supplemental Budget Passes House, Heads to Senate

money_pieHouse Bill 60, sponsored by Gov. Charlie Baker, has passed the house and is currently with the Senate.  It is expected to pass in the Senate as well, and we anticipate that the Governor will sign off as soon as it does.  This Bill includes $50M in funding for snow and ice contractors.  All payments for work done after February 7th have been on hold, and this bill being passed will allow checks to be sent out.

A huge thank you goes out to President Matthew Frazier as well as the association board and many members for their diligence in pursuing a quick approval by reaching out to their local representatives via phone calls and visits to the State House.

We are still working closely with David Vieira (R), Falmouth, on passing legislation that would allow for uninterrupted payments throughout the winter, even when the state goes over budget.  Please reach out to your local representatives and ask them to join Rep. Vieira to solve the prompt payment issue once and for all!