At its annual general membership meeting on October 12th the membership of the MSICA voted unanimously to approve the final version of the MassHighway Snow and Ice Equipment Rental Agreement, which was negotiated by the Executive Board of the MSICA during multiple negotiation sessions and numerous conference calls. Many great questions where asked by our members, and most all of the finer points of the contract where touched upon.

The Board of Directors would like to welcome Mr. Charles McNamara of McNamara Farms in Stoughton to the Board of Directors. Mr. McNamara was voted in as a class 1 Director at the meeting on the 12th, along with Fred Palladino of Hyde Park, Brad Ness of Easton, and Christopher Carney of Rockland.

During the meeting many ongoing projects were discussed including education, health and safety certification, as well as future and current Legislation our group is working on with the help of various Legislators throughout the state.

A very welcome surprise was a visit from Senator Marc R. Pacheco who sits as the Chair of the Senate Post Audit and Oversite Committee. As we are all well aware of, it was Sen. Pachecos’ Committee who intervened and held a special Legislative Hearing into MassHighway’s practices relative to the lack of snow and ice equipment under contract this year. Our Executive Board will continue to assist the Oversite Committee in any way we can. The meeting adjouned at 9:38 PM.