Once again snow and ice contractors are paid in the last month of the State’s Fiscal Year. The Board of the MSICA is asking state lawmakers why so many other vendors who provide services to MHD’s Snow and Ice Operations are paid on time, yet the contractors who are pushing the snow and spreading the salt always wait!

This question has been asked of the MHD on many occasions, yet the uniform answer is that the State Legislature underfunds the snow and ice operations every year, causing the need for a suplemental budget request to pay unpaid bills. While we understand fully the need for supplemental fundinging once the alloted monies are spent, we don’t fully understand or agree with what the monies are spent on, causing plow contractors to go unpaid until June.

We will continue to make our Legislative friends on Beacon Hill aware of what we see as waste at Mass Highway, and continue our fight for a separate snow and ice snow removal contractors budget.