MSICA Efforts Have Helped Town Contractors Win Competetive Rates/Benefits

Back in November, there was an article in The Cape Cod Times (click link below to read) which stated that towns were starting early to recruit and lock in snow removal contractors as soon as possible in anticipation of another harrowing winter.  Some towns even offered a cash incentive for filing all appropriate paperwork early.  While doing some research, I discovered that the vast majority of towns in the Commonwealth have raised their snow and ice contractor rates to be “more in line with the State contracts.”

Read an excerpt below:

Robert Steen, assistant director of public works in Barnstable, said the rate increase was put in place so the town would have a robust contractor pool to draw from as the winter season approaches. Last winter, the town had unfilled contractor positions and was plagued by frequent equipment breakdowns, especially among independent contractors operating smaller vehicles and equipment.

“Every indication was that our rate was not high enough,” Steen said. “We think the state knows what the going rate should be, and they spend a lot of time setting those rates.”

The Massachusetts Snow & Ice Contractors Association has been working diligently, for over a decade, to secure fair contracts and equitable rates and benefits for state contractors and we are thrilled to find that our efforts are now benefitting another group of snow fighters!barnstable snow plow