MassDOT becomes a reality!

Mass Highway is now MassDOT, Highway Division. After many years of failed attempts at merging several Massachusetts Transportation Departments, the State Legislature has officialy merged the MBTA, Mass Highway, EOT, and Mass Turnpike.

Former Mass Highway Comm. Louisa Piewonsky has been appointed as Administrator of the newly formed Highway Division of the DOT.

The MSICA looks forward to working with the new Division!!

Announcing Annual Membership Meeting

7:00 PM, Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

1958 Broadway, Route 138, Raynham

Some of the topics being discussed are as follows;

*Committee Reports

*Report of the Treasurer

*Bob Lalicata Depot Rep. System

*Closed Loop Ground Speed Control

*Contract Talks/Negotiating with Mass Highway

*Brad Ness: Composite Blades

We encourage everyone to attend this meeting to discuss these topics and others. To avoid postage, you can also pay your dues at this meeting.