Massachusetts Snow Fighters Rise to the Challenge!

snowfighters_2015With record setting snow fall across the Bay State over the last week, our members have been out in full force for over a week.  With public safety at the forefront, our crews have worked around the clock to keep the roadways safe for commuters and travelers alike.  In many places we have faced fluctuating temperatures resulting in a transition in precipitation and whether it has been rain, snow, hail, freezing rain or black ice, the efforts of our snow fighters have carried us through these storms.

As Baystaters continue to shovel out and clear their respective sidewalks and driveways, snow and ice workers have moved mountains of snow in short periods of time.  This has allowed people to get to work and school as well as to doctors offices and hospitals.

The work that you do keeps the economy of Massachusetts moving.  You are the heroes of Blizzard 2015 and beyond, and we thank you!

If you have any pictures from this snow season, please e-mail them to and I will post them to the gallery!