How Much Snow Will We Get This Year? Your Predictions Could Pay Off!

santashortsAs I was preparing Christmas dinner, the thermometer on my deck was closing in on 70 degrees and my kids were playing outside in shorts and t-shirts!  Fast forward a quick 72 hours and that same deck was covered in snow and my kids are bundled up in front of the fireplace sipping hot chocolate and complaining about the cold.  Of course they wouldn’t be complaining if it was a snow day from school, but since they are on Christmas break and out of school anyway, it just seemed that much colder and more miserable. 

I reminded them of an old New England adage that I’m sure we have all heard a time or two – “If you don’t like the weather in New England, just wait a minute.”  That certainly seemed to be the case for the warm Christmas followed by our first official snow event of the season.

The amount of snow from last winter is still haunting my memory, and I refuse to believe the Farmer’s Almanac prediction of “winter deja vu.”  As professional snow fighters, many of you with decades of experience, I’m curious about your predictions for snowfall totals this year? 

Please email me your prediction, in total inches, and if you come the closest, you will be awarded a $100.00 restaurant gift certificate at the spring membership meeting!

Since we are spread out across the whole state, we will use the official Boston snowfall total in determining a winner.  The average seasonal snowfall for Boston is 43.5″, last year we broke all previous records with 110.6″.  What does this winter have in store?  When sending your prediction, please include your name and best contact phone number.  Only members in good standing of MSICA will be eligible to win the gift card.

Send predictions to: