HOUSE BILL H00037 IS NOW H3318!!

The original house bill containing a $25M request to pay MassDOT Snow and Ice Contractors is now House Bill #3318, and contains more than $49M dollars to pay contractors!

Since the bill was first authored we have had quite a bit of snow and ice activity and luckely the State Legislature, along with DOT Staff have kept tabs on the over all spending and made certain that the dollar amount within the bill for snow and ice funding escalated accordingly.

We are expecting activity on the H3318 today in the form of a formal vote of the full House now that it has been released from House Ways and Means Committee.
We checked on the status of House Bill #00037. It has been updated. According to their website, “Bill reported favorably by committee with Amendment”. That means that the bill is out of the House Ways & Means Committee and is now in the hands of the full house for a vote. Please contact your local representative and push them for a speedy vote so that you can get paid for your snow and ice work!
After notifying MassDOT that the link on the DOT web site linking contractors to the Late Payment Interest Forms was down, the Department rectified the problem almost immediately. PLEASE apply for interest! It is your right, and it’s NOT RIGHT that contractors have not been paid!!

click on this link:

By applying for and being paid interest on the monies we are owed, we are sending a clear message to the State Legislature that they need to listen to both the contractors as well as Mass DOT, and fix a perennial problem!!