Governor Approves Supplemental Budget, Payments to Follow

money_mailboxGovernor Baker approved and signed the supplemental budget late yesterday evening.  As you know, that bill included additional funding for Snow & Ice Contractors.  Payments have been on hold since February 7th.

The $50M in funds should be available to MassDOT within a week, and they will immediately begin processing outstanding invoices.  We anticipate that folks will begin receiving the monies owed to them by the end of next week.

We are still working diligently with Representative David Vieira (R), Falmouth, to push through the legislation he has authored which will guarantee prompt, uninterrupted payments for the duration of the season.

M.S.I.C.A. President, Matthew Frazier, as well as other board members, will be meeting with Governor Baker tomorrow, April 3, 2015, to discuss the importance of the prompt payment issue and the positive effect the new legislation will have.

We continue to urge you to contact your local representative and ask them to join Representative Vieira and the M.S.I.C.A. with this important legislation!