The Board of Directors will be setting a date shortly for a spring General Membership Meeting at the Raynham/Taunton Greyhound Park. Please stay tuned to this web site for further information.
House Bill # H00037 remains stuck in House Way’s and Means. Please contact your Legislator today and ask for quick passage of the bill which contains funding for snow and ice contractors.
Did you perhaps NOT have a fuel adjustment surcharge included on your last Payment Voucher?

Due to a computer glitch at MassDOT, some payment vouchers whent without a fuel adjustment included on them. You will however be paid for this item and it will be included in the check that represents payment for those PV’s without the fuel adjustment on them.
Click on the link below to read the letter that went out to all Representatives and State Senators on Monday. We are doing our best to put pressure on them to pass House Bill #37. Please help us help you by contacting your representative and asking them to push for passage of this bill. Once this bill is passed there will be money available to pay snow and ice contractors again!

Letter to Legislators (Bill 37)

Click here to access the Letter to Legislators (PDF)

Please click on one or both of the links below to identify your State Rep. and Senator. please contact them today and urge for quick passage of House Bill 00037! Small business owners need to be paid!



The Hydraulics Class whent very well and was attended better than we anticipated! Thanks to V.P. Brad Ness for hosting the class at his offices in Easton. Watch out for additional information very soon on another class in Central Massachusetts.