Deadlines Looming – Act Fast!

As previously stated on this web site, we are continuing discussions with MA DOT regarding certain pieces of equipment that were omitted from realizing a rate increase in both year one and year two of the new equipment rental agreement.  Executive Board member, Robert Sullivan, had discussions with DOT officials this morning and talk will continue.  Please be mind-full of the September 26th deadline in order to enjoy the early sign up bonus monies.

The deadlines are as follows: 

September 26th:

A. One original Equipment Listing and vehicle code sheet for each depot you work at.

B. One original signature page.

C. Attachment F.

D. Attachment H.

E. W-9 Tax form. Only required for new contractors.

F. Electronic Funds Transfer Sign up form. This is needed from new contractors, or returning contractors who have not had direct deposit in previous years. This is now mandatory.


October 24th:

A. Two photographs of each piece of equipment

B. A copy of the registration for each piece of equipment.


November 8th:

A. A vehicle inspection checklist.

B. A safety inspection checklist.

C. Attachment I, closed loop spreader calibration certification.