Board Members Meet with DOT Management

M.S.I.C.A. Board members met on Monday September 12 with Senior MassDOT Staff at Headquarters in Boston in an attempt to reach accord on several pending changes to the Snow and Ice Equipment Rental Agreement authored and posted by the Highway Division on August 17th, 2011. Several issues were resolved, including, but not limited to the following;


    The Agreement will be for 2 years with no option for renewel for a 3rd year.
    The Bench mark date for fuel adjustment will NOT change in year 2!
    Extended early sign up deadline to a date which will be published on this site later today!
    Extended the $16.50 hourly stipend for the installation of closed loop into year 3!
    Fuel adjustment multiplier of 1.5X for equipment with wing plow was retained!
    Paid travel/ prep time for post storm clean up which was stricken from DRAFT was retained!
    Preserved the hourly rates for small and medium blowers
    Bargained back $20.00 per hour for large blowers. With an agreement that more study will be done to better identify the value of the large blower and possibly adjust it’s hourly rate in a future agreement.
    Deleted language which would have taken your early sign-up hourly bonus away if you requested MassDOT to visit your property to perform equipment inspections.

DOT Staff agreed that a simple Post Card announcing the final early submission deadline was a good idea where as some contractors have no access to the internet. Staff will be working on this and some other details on Tuesday September 13th and the MSICA will have more information as the day progresses.

 Please email or call us today with any questions/ concerns.