Announcement #003-04

A contingent of our board of directors has been making regular visits to the state house, going door to door seeking support and quick passage of the governors supplemental funding package submitted on February 18th.

While we have been cautiously optimistic regarding our efforts to move this bill along as quickly as possible, we are truly at the whim of our legislators, some of whom allowed a similar funding package to die on the house floor on new years eve.

A meeting with attorney John Slattery resulted in a unanimous vote by the board of directors of our association to enlist the professional guidance of a state lobbyist.

Based on the recommendation of Mr. Slattery, our board voted to retain the office of Brian Hickey and associates to represent the association on Beacon Hill and push for quick passage of the funding package.

The firm was retained the afternoon of February 26th, and went to work for us the very next morning. As of now (march 4th), it appears that the funding package has been approved by both the house and the senate and will be on the governors desk tonight or tomorrow morning awaiting his signature.

If the governor should sign the funding package into law today (march 5th), our membership should start to see payments within the next 10 days or so.

Not only will this firm assist our membership in securing what is owed us now, it is the long-term relationship that we are truly looking forward to with Mr. Hickeys’ firm.

One vision our board has, and that we have expressed to hickey and associates is the need for special legislation that will allow the state treasury to deficit spend in the event of a lack of funding for snow and ice hired equipment, or legislation that will compel the state to pay the contractors within 2 or 4 weeks by law.

It will only be with the guidance of both John Slattery and Brian Hickey that this gets accomplished!

Our association has been able to precipitate some very meaningful relationships in recent months with top notch, highly respected professionals in both the private sector, as well as certain political figures who have signed on to our cause.


The Board of Directors