Announcement #002-04

The Board of Directors, acting in there capacity as a negotiating team on behalf of the membership of the Association has entered into negotiations with the Mass Highway Department over the terms and conditions our next contract with the department.

Some highlights include the possibility of a multi-year contract, rate increases, and the inclusion of accessories in the equipment rate so as the truck is paid for all accessories at all times, as well as the potential for a 4 hour minimum call out and getting our travel time back.

While all of the above are potential changes, the reality of the negotiations will not be seen until we have regained all that we have lost over the past several years, and the Board feels comfortable with the results of each and every negotiations session.

At the present time we are cautiously optimistic that several of our requests will be met. However, it will take the next several months for us to have a complete, concise, and fair contract to offer the general membership for its approval.

While this Board is the voice of the Association, and we are charged with the day to day management of our causes, it is truly the general membership who we serve and it is this group of contractors who must ultimately approve our recommendation on a future contract with the department.

Please check this web site often, as we are doing our very best to bring the current affairs of the Association to the Web as often and with as much detail as we can.