On January 8, 2004 the Executive Board met with MassHighway Senior Level Administration. At this meeting several issues were resolved.

Some contractors have brought it to the attention of certain Directors that communications appear to be failing between the MassHighway Administration and the Depots.

It would appear that different Pit Bosses are administering their Payment Voucher systems differently, in that some have deducted the 30-minute break every eight-hour, and some have not.

Additionally, some Foreman has apparently honored the 30-minute travel time throughout the remainder of December, and some did not.

In an effort to resolve these issues we met today with MassHighway officials who will again issue directives, that commencing with the snow and ice event of December 5th 2003 forward through December, no Payment Vouchers should show ½ Hour deductions, as they did in the past.

Further, it will be reinforced to all Pit Bosses that a ½ hour paid travel time should be shown on all PV’s prior to January 1st unless the contractor signed his or her new contract sooner than January 1st.