All Payments On Hold! Take Action Now!


As you all know, the Bay State has seen unprecedented and relentless snow this winter season.  In just a few short weeks, the state blew through its snow & ice budget plus an additional $150M in deficit spending authority.

Our President, Matthew Frazier, has been in discussions with MassHighway officials as well as various state representatives regarding all payments due.  As of right now, all payments for work performed after February 7th are on hold.

State Representative, David Vieira (R), Falmouth, has drafted legislation that would allow for payments to be made, uninterrupted, each and every season.  This would eliminate, once and for all, having to wait for the house and senate to pass supplemental budgets to complete payments.  We all know that process takes several months and the result is that you don’t get paid until summer!

We need your help now, more than ever!  We need more members throughout the state to contact their representatives and implore them to join David Vieira to push through this legislation.  If  you don’t know who your representative is, please visit and enter your address.  Simply call them and tell them that it is UNACCEPTABLE to expect work to be done without payment.  Remind them that if it were not for the tireless efforts of snow & ice contractors, the economy of the Commonwealth would come to a grinding halt every time it snows.

We are currently conducting a membership drive.  There are nearly 1500 contractors providing snow and ice service to the state, and only about a quarter are members.  The main purpose of our organization is to have a collective voice with MassHighway and on Beacon Hill.  The more members we have, the louder our voice gets.  Please reach out to other contractors and encourage them to visit the site and sign up.  100% of all dues money collected goes back into the organization and its effort to secure fair contracts and prompt payments.  Please join us today!