Breaking: Joint Conference Committee Reports Supplemental Budget Favorably


Just after 8:00 PM last night, MSICA President Matthew Frazier received some very welcome news from State Rep. David Vieira, (R), Falmouth.  Representative Vieira was  pleased to inform us that the Joint Legislative Conference Committee, which was appointed last week, issued its report on the Governors supplemental funding request.  The funding request includes $50 million in deficit spending authority for MassDOT snow and ice.  Additionally, the report includes a provision for $50 million in deficit spending for fiscal year 2015 (next winter).  Rep. Vieira was hopeful in his communication with our President that a vote on the report would occur today in the House.  It is his intent to get this Bill laid before the Governor for his signature just as soon as possible.

As outlined in yesterday’s post, we will continue to work diligently with Rep. Vieira, Sen. Tarr and Sen. Pacheco on a permanent fix for this perennial under-funding problem.

Thank you to everyone for your efforts in flooding the law makers with phone calls, letters and e-mails.  We will be reaching out to you for more of the same as soon as the new legislation is completed and submitted to the House.  

Please continue to check for updates and we will post here as soon as any new information is available.