2011-2013 Agreement Submission Deadlines & Requirements

In order to receive MassDOT’s Sign-Up Bonus, Extended Season Bonus, Contractors must complete, sign and submit all of the specified documents on or before the following deadlines.

October 7, 2011 – The following items must be delivered to the District Office indicating your interest in working for MassDOT for the 2011-2012 winter season:

      1.  One original Equipment Listing and Vehicle Code sheet for each Depot a Contractor requests to work.

      2.  One original of MassDOT’s 2011-2013 Snow & Ice Control Agreement Signature Page.

      3.  Attachment F, Contractor License Certification Form.

      4.  Attachment H, Executive Order 481, Contractor Certification Form

      5.  W-9 Tax Form (Only required for new vendors or returning vendors, who have changed their company name,      address or tax identification number).

November 4, 2011 – The following itmes must be received by the District Office:

      1.  Attachment I, Closed Loop Data Verification Form

      2.  A Vehicle Inspection Checklist signed by the vehicle owner and MassDOT representative

      3.  A Safety Inspection Checklist signed by the vehicle owner and MassDOT representative.

      4.  A minimum of 2 recent photographs of each piece of equipment listed in the Agreement. One must be taken from the rear left of the vehicle and the second from the front right of the vehicle. The photographs must show the vehicle registration number, all vehicle accessories, safety lights and retroreflective sheeting.

      5.  A copy of the current vehicle registration for each piece of equipment listed on the Vehicle Code sheet. (Equipment without Massachusetts Commercial Snow Removal (SR) plates must submit a new registration prior to January 1, 2012).

      6.  Attachment G, Certificate of Spreader Calibration form. (If applicable).

      7.  A Spreader Body Volume Form. (Only required if the body is new or has been modified).