Mass DOT Officials have agreed to leave the agreement in draft form on it’s web site pending further meetings with representatives of the MSICA. Our team of negotiators hope to bring compromise to the following;

  • Sudden loss of paid travel/prep time for post storm clean up
  • Sudden loss of compensation for 11′ plow on certain class codes
  • Sudden loss of 1.5 multiplier of fuel adjustment for wings
  • Sudden loss of early sign up bonus for all equipment if a site visit is requested for equipment inspections
  • Restore the rate for snow blowers who have taken a $65 per hour cut in pay
  • New language pertaining to Dispute Resolution being final and binding
  • Mass DOT still refuses to add even 1 snow and ice contractor to it’s dispute resolution committee, leaving it one-sided and unfair
  • Restore an earlier bench-mark date for fuel surcharge to be figured from, as the current date all but strips us of realizing any fuel surcharge
  • Discuss added costs of installing flow meter system on all closed loop liquid applications
  • Clarification of in-state and out-of-state registrations
  • No rate increases in any class codes to off set added expenses and loss of above benefits