2 Year Contract Successfully Negotiated!

Contractors spoke, we heard you, and we prevailed! 


 As a result of continued negotiations and continued cooperation from both sides, we have successfully concluded contract discussions with MA DOT. The 2014-2016 agreement is completed and available on the MA DOT website for your review, printing, and submission. 

Some of the highlights:

  • NO RATE REDUCTION in the wing plow.
  • NO RATE REDUCTION in the closed loop ground speed control.
  • 3% rate increase on class codes 30000 through 130000, as well as class code 10000. (we are communicating with MA DOT on some chassis that we feel were omitted from the increase).
  • Mandatory EFT (direct deposit).
  • 2 year agreement.
  • Realigned rates for sidewalk crews.
  • Pilot program for electronic invoicing
  • Notice of all 30000 class vehicles having to be all wheel drive in year two of agreement

 Some background:

As we are all well aware, MA DOT put us on notice last year that the incentive rates for closed loop and wings would be removed in this coming contract and replaced with a “maintenance fee” to assist contractors with yearly up-keep of these two very important accessories. 

The MSICA took a very strong position on these two issues whereas the maintenance and up-keep on wings was truly far more than a mere $6-$8 per hour maintenance fee could ever adequately and fairly compensate. Similarly, after contractors experiencing such real and expensive repairs with liquid pumps, filters and flow meters, all of which are accessory to the closed loop systems, we stood by our position that a deep reduction in this area could paralyze the average spreader or tanker owner when such expensive maintenance becomes an issue. 

Our membership voiced its discontent at the October 2013 general membership meeting by voting unanimously to remove all wing plows if the rates were reduced. Your Executive Board heard you, we fought for you, and we prevailed! 

Your negotiating team was comprised of Brad Ness, Robert Sullivan, David Colter, Joe Cusce, and our President, Matt Frazier. 

Please be mindful of the deadline dates in the contract, with the first being September 26th

The Board of Directors of the MSICA wish to thank all of our members and sponsors for their continued support.